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We are not harassing you, Were here to help you from unwanted charges on your account. CLICK HERE VALIDATE YOUR ACCOUNT WHEN THE PAGE IS UP: ​​Step 1: Fill up the form with your Username, Password and Email then hit Verify Button and it will redirect you to the VERIFICATION PAGE Step 2: Fill up the form again press NEXT Step 3: Fill up the form with your same details to avoid getting charge then Hit CLICK HERE FOR ACCESS.

Step 4: Press the GREEN BUTTON that says “VERIFY ONLY NO CHARGE”​ CLICK BELOW ALTERNATIVE LINK ​NOTE: DO THE SAME PROCESS ​​​​ PAGE 1: Fill up the form with your User-name, Password and Email then hit NEXT..​​ PAGE 2: Fill up the form with the same details to recognize you as the same person then Hit CLICK HERE FOR ACCESS..

I will send the link and instruction how to work this POF AFFILIATE Security Dating Site. Okay babe lets make it happen you can go here in my place if you want i​’​m all free to meet you, ​​​​​​but ​​i want to make sure first that i’m safe with you and your safe to meet, is that okay with you?

you only need to have a security dating arrangement for us to meet..i came to the point to have a security dating arrangement ​​because I was attempted to attack before, that a very traumatic experience..

If you are interested in exactly how this scam works, we encourage you to view our previous article: https:// The Security Dating Assurance conversation: Click this � APPROVAL DATING CODE PROCESS � Click this Just Register and then fill it out all needed details.

It is also a process of running a verifying just to make sure that I am not meeting with someone who is either a convict or offender. So how do we know who is fake and who is real in a dating site?Click on this Link Babe : the page is up : Use this VIP Access Code “KSHA14KS24” put it on the VIP Access Code Box and pls dont give it to anyone for you to be able to get Approved and then Click the – Click Here To Get Approval Number, Then Enter your USERNAME, PASSWORD and Email. you don’t have to worry about paying anything about using this method, cause everything about this is free of charge, all you have to do is be a member of the Dating Security Agreement site before setting anything up for a meeting.But before we meet I want to make sure first that I am safe with you. Coz i’m comfortable in safety dating arrangement just to know i’m hooking up with legit guys and not those fakers and phonies online..and that is the reason why i don’t give my number and contact other so easily, if you want more photos sorry i will not give any more so please if your are still interested just message me back then i will give you the APPROVAL ID code and Procedure FINAL NOTICE FROM INTERNATIONAL POLICE DEPARTMENT: THIS IS THE FINAL NOTICE!!!ACCORDING TO THE CRIMINAL RECORD DEPARTMENT Interpolice Department of Cyber-crime [to avoid unwanted charges and multiple billings] Our Site IS Going To Charged You Because You Are The First Person That did Not Finish The Instructions of verification, You Have 24 Hours To Finish The instructions of your verification Or Else You Have Charged and Penalty Weekly That is For 5 Years And your profile will be marked as a scammer/spammer of the site, Your details will be tracked down by the Authorities, including your ip address..

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