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The descendants of Jesus and Mary intermarried with Sicambrian Franks and founded the Merovingian royal lineage. That same year Jesus and Mary agreed to a separation and parted.

In 1127 they completed their work and moved the treasure to their Chapter House in Paris. The knowledge of the Ark was placed in the Chartres Cathedral.The problem is that this light, which mimics the brightness of the sun, confuses your brain into thinking it's daytime, even during the dead of night.This in turn stops your brain from releasing melatonin, the hormone which induces sleep, and prevents you from falling asleep.Interestingly, James was also known as Joseph of Arimathea. Jmmanuel was known as Yuz Asaf to the Muslims and to the Indians he was known as Isa.There is a place in Syria near Damascus called Mayuam-i-isa which means Accounts of his survival come from the Talmud of Jmmanuel and from the Ahmadiyyan religion of India.

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