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How he got caught: a revealing photograph The R&B singer was married to Paula Patton when pictures of him hanging with another woman in a club were released.

In a mirror reflection, you can clearly see Thicke grabbing the woman’s butt.

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The search uses zip code only for finding discreet members near you.

Gavin Rossdale’s former wife, Gwen Stefani, can thank technology for uncovering the truth. According to Us Weekly, the two started their affair in 2009 while she was still married.

This was reportedly not the only time Thicke was unfaithful.

“Yeah, I stood up and took accountability for it and apologized. The easy [potshot] is like, ‘Oh, well you cheated on Sandra Bullock.’ That’s the world’s easiest comeback.” It wasn’t long until it came out that the two were having an affair. “I’m 63 years of age and I can’t keep living like this.

Rimes’ husband, Dean Sheremet, revealed how he felt while visiting the show’s set. He’s given me an unbelievable life and he’s given me three gorgeous children and I love him.” The two are still married. When Ashley Madison, the dating website for married people was hacked, it came out that Josh Duggar reportedly had multiple profiles on the website.

During or after the divorce, we often find out the gritty details of what led to the couple’s split.

Sometimes an affair shocks the public; other times it’s How he got caught: the family i Pad It surprises few when a Hollywood husband cheats with the nanny. News came out that the music producer and reality TV judge was expecting a baby with his friend, Andrew Silverman’s estranged wife, Lauren Silverman.

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  1. Straight From The A is reporting the former Real Housewives of Atlanta star, who only filed for divorce back in May, became a dad again on July 14th, as his mistress Marisela Alvarado gave birth to a healthy 8-pound baby girl whom the couple have named Ava Maria Snow. While the divorce is still ongoing for the Snows, reports state that Eric, a former NBA player, is worth million and might have to shell out an estimated million dollars to De Shawn along with the Atlanta mansion the couple shared with their three sons.