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The rules are so complicated that few non-attorneys can keep up with them.

In California, a former sex offender with a steady place to live must register annually for life.

In Georgia, it's even worse: A homeless sex offender must register every time he changes sleeping locations within just 72 hours. Oakland Police Department's current voicemail message for sex registration-related inquiries states that in order to register, one must make an appointment at least a month in advance.

It is hard to understand how one can be expected to register within five days of changing addresses if an appointment takes a month to set up.

With age comes memory loss — which often means trouble remembering to register.

Similarly, grabbing someone's butt or masturbating in one's own car also qualify as sex registerable offenses, even though they are punishable as misdemeanors.

We may not want to legalize those behaviors, but forcing someone to be labeled a sex offender for life over a misdemeanor that is only punishable at its maximum by six months in county jail is excessive.

As a result, I've had clients who continue to get arrested regularly for failing to register simply because they cannot remember to do it as frequently as they are required to and end up back in prison, where their health continues to deteriorate.

The real problem emerges once someone fails to register — which can be frequent for people who are homeless, disabled, or elderly.

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