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So he started focusing more in school and has refrained from texting me as much.We used to text all day long and then at night he would call me and talk until I got too tired to stay awake.We talk and see each other for about 2 months and then he finally asks me out.I say yes of course and we’ve been extremely happy ever since. His grades were really dropping and he was faced with the fact that he could fail if he doesn’t bring his grades up soon.I have had a crush on one guy in a different area (but who sits a wee bit back behind me). He will be cruel eventually to get you to just go away.

Then he usually eats dinner, takes a shower, and then it’s around 9pm.So I confront him and then all I get back is a “hm”. I ask him to ask his parents if it’s okay for me to come over but he doesn’t ask until the last minute. I see him in person and he treats me great and like everything Is completely wonderful.Then the week starts again and he starts doing the same stuff again. I’m always the one that has to say “I love you” first. He just seems so distant and rude and like he really just doesn’t care at all. Last night I went up to him at his desk after work and said if He wanted we could meet for coffee on th weekend. He then said it wasn’t both ways…but he was very cold and not even the same guy. My bestie knew that I liked him and she told me to approach him but I wasnt confident. However, he never makes it clear whether he is comfortable with me because he sees me as a sister or a friend, or as a lover. He said that thurs he had to finalise something for work and Fri he was leaving to go away. Then I went back to him and said that i needed to apologise as I had a crush on him. I once again find myself personally spending a significant amount of time both reading and posting comments. After our tuition left today I told my bestie in tuition that I want to ask him if he has a crush on someone or a girlfriend. He constantly flirts with me and shows nearly every sign of being interested in me.

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Even when I KNOW he’s not busy, he still takes at least an hour to respond. I try to express how that makes me feel but it just pisses him off and he tells me he’s tired and wants to get some rest. I could go on and on but the point is, I’m completely stuck and don’t know what to do.

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