The second bad judgment–the only real reason she wouldn’t do an interview with me is because it’s not my goal to get there. Why don’t I have the goal to someday interview Oprah for Live Clare Lesley?!? If not, bookmark this page–you’ll think of it and want it later!

Let me say that again: the only REAL thing stopping me from talking to Oprah is that I haven’t taken the steps to get the opportunity to talk to her. If we don’t REALLY want something, why is it a goal? Another thought: at the end, or near end, of any theater project every theater friend asks me: so what’s your next project? Even if the actor asked this question doesn’t have a show, we always have a plan: I’m going to get my headshots redone so I can hit the ground running in January; I’m taking a class starting next week; I’ve got 5 auditions next week…you get the picture. This blog, this empire is just as important–it’s a newer dream with a newer goal, but it’s just as important as my dream to be a Broadway star and win several awards, get asked to do a television show that will run 10 years and have re-runs that will fund my life, let me be bi-costal, travel, and choose how to live out my late 60s through the next 40 years. You’re probably having a similar thought to this paragraph as I did to Lewis saying he wanted to interview Oprah.

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Today I get an error message 502 Bad Gateway and can not access the website.He’s got a podcast and a best seller and a great overcoming adversity story. At this moment Lesley and I are trying to figure out new goals for our Live Clare Lesley empire, and so I’m taking in A LOT of content (books, blogs, podcasts) on making a better business, being a better person, better ways to attract a partner…so generically: how to be better. The people spouting this info are always saying that is what they did, became more successful than their gigantic and once unattainable dream, and now people are looking to these souls who have reached their goals, listening to them repeat these instructions. However, she decided it wasn’t the path for her anymore, and instead wanted to write and perform music. If you have a comment scroll down past the tags below (or up, if you’re on the main page), or email us at [email protected] LOVE your feedback!!What a lot of the advice boils down to is: 1) Find your strengths. Now, back to, my new personal growth crush: Lewis Howes, and his goal to get to interview Oprah or the President–I stopped in my tracks because I was pooh poohing a man who just published a book and is on the best seller list. Because, I realized two seconds later, I don’t trust that if I made the goal to interview Oprah from where I’m standing at this moment in my life, that I could interview her; which would make our Live Clare Lesley empire explode! But why should she talk to two gals in a startup self help realm? I was judging someone else based on my fear to make a goal, I wrote about something similar on this blog. So here’s the New Goal Idea (wellllll, it’s not new, and you’ve probably read something like this before, but reminders are always helpful–and maybe you’re in a better place to receive it now. She has been working on this in her spare time; writing, rehearsing; performing; and making an album–which she just released–go to i Tunes or Amazon to buy it!! Remember, whatever mark you want to make, you’re probably already on the path either to make it–just take a look around, what are you happiest doing? Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for DAILY inspiration!They said anyone wanting more information may email [email protected] The project is funded by the Maine Community Foundation; Fairman said its partners include Colby College’s The Bridge group, Waterville Public Library, Waterville junior and senior high schools, Alfond Youth Center, South End Teen Center, Kennebec Valley Community Action Group, Greater Waterville Communities for Children & Youth, Hardy Girls, Healthy Women and Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays of Waterville.Amy Calder — 861-9247 [email protected] Special service on bullying Where: Universalist Unitarian Church, Silver Street, Waterville When: 10 a.m.

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