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It is also more forgiving of missing the target refraction.

The Xtra Focus Pinhole implant (Morcher) designed by Trinidade et al.

For myopes and less risk-taking patients I prefer classical mini-monovision of 1.25D or EDOF IOLs with micro-monovision of 0.5D,” said Oliver Findl MD, of the Vienna Institute for Research in Ocular Surgery. These are especially effective in post LASIK, post RK eyes and in irregular corneal astigmatism.

The IC-8 IOL (Acu Focus) is a single-piece hydrophobic monofocal IOL that works similar to Kamra corneal inlay and uses the pinhole principle to increase depth of focus to about 3D.

Single-optic IOLs such as Crystalens (B&L), 1CU IOL (Human Optics), Tetraflex (Lenstec) as well as dual-optic IOLs such as Synchrony (AMO) give antero-posterior movement said to give some degree of both near and distant vision.Extended depth of focus (EDOF) IOLs are the latest variation in multifocal lens solutions. Peak resolution is only minimally affected, thereby giving reasonably clear vision at all distances with lesser glare and haloes or loss of contrast as compared to multifocals.They are preferable over conventional multifocal IOLs in eyes with maculopathy, irregular corneas or glaucoma.Toric multifocal IOLs provide UDVA of 0.3 log MAR in 92%–97% of patients, and spectacle independence is reported in 79%–90% of patients.Accommodative IOLs represent intensively developing field in ophthalmology, and the results are still variable depending on the IOL model.

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