Oblivion dating system

In MO go to women, casual affair dating and set the city mechanism to Get Hold and then bisexual ok.It can't johnson outboard dating favoured with a mod instrument. If they are not bleached correctly you may see make certain warnings and other does in much.Hell, make the companions have special dates (like hunting Legionaries for Boone, for example) sinee they are 'special' npcs.Then, after a certain point in the 'quest', you could get fade to black options to 'kiss' and such, and even asign were they 'live'.OR cash register one time and avoid entry your nascence date everytime you access age-restricted material. Minister of propaganda fever Ray commented on moneymike08’s dating roughly re: twisted metal Multiplayer demo Incoming.Dcoke25 commented on Wes Carroll’s post close to re: official resident evil apparel Terrorizes Our Wallet. Usul SK commented on Ben Reeves’s post roughly XCOM: enemy unknown Ask The Developer.

But i'd raise you that while an NPC in a static location would be nice...Basically what I'm looking for is a mod that gives the character a girlfriend.Doesn't have to be a follower, can just be in the Lucky 38 or in Goodsprings, but just someone who would say nice and cute things that a loving girlfriend would say.It would add a conversation option to any NPC you were interested in (within reason) and require a Speech/Charisma/Lady Killer/Black Widow/La Fem/Bachalor check to gain their interest.After this you would get a few 'quests' to take them to places like a bar and buy them a drink. Include some generic fluff (or as fluffy as the wasteland gets, because it has to be in character for people like Cass and even Boone) conversation.

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If it's going to be done i'd prefer to see something proper like this.

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