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Does he have any datable co-workers at the station?“It is the uniform and the fact that they are doing something dangerous,” the 35-year-old said about husband Bryan Russell and his fellow firefighters.At least one wedding has resulted from the site so far, and rumor has it there could have been a second, Russell said.Russell and Tarantino redesigned in August to have more photo galleries and ways to send gifts to potential partners.Other visitors to the site might just want someone to go to the movies with or a dinner party.“Once you take sex out of it, people are still looking for companionship,” she said.

But it took years before it dawned on her that she probably would never have sexual intercourse again. “I’d say, no, no, no.” She thinks a lot of people out there must be in the same boat — veterans returning from war with permanent injuries, say.

She was living in Laguna Beach at the time, in a little house with a fireplace, and she’d just curl up with a blanket in front of the fire and sleep. “It was the closest you can come to dying,” she said.

She’s only 5-foot-2, and she practically disappeared, going from about 116 pounds to 90.

Singles can go to and enter a profession, gender, age and ZIP code to find the hottest men and women near them.

Profiles have bios, a questionnaire of likes and dislikes, and photos of the “hero” in action, fighting fires or crime. c=53719538&u=4680954773 Display Vote54773(); The profile photo of Irescueyou, 40, from Ventura shows him fighting a forest blaze in full firefighter gear. I am a single fireman looking for his flame,” his bio says.

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