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Some consider that it was suddenly determined on by Judas after the anointing at Bethania, while others suppose a longer negotiation with the chief priests.

But these textual difficulties and questions of detail fade into insignificance beside the great moral problem presented by the fall and treachery of Judas. And the difficulty is greater with the greatness of the guilt, with the smallness of the motive for doing wrong, and with the measure of the knowledge and graces vouchsafed to the offender.

In every way the treachery of Judas would seem to be the most mysterious and unintelligible of sins.

For how could one chosen as a disciple, and enjoying the grace of the Apostolate and the privilege of intimate friendship with the Divine Master, be tempted to such gross ingratitude for such a paltry price?

Now no man at the table knew to what purpose he said this unto him.

Even among the Twelve there were two that bore the name, and for this reason it is usually associated with the surname Iscariot [Hebrew "a man of Kerioth" or Carioth, which is a city of Judah (cf. There can be no doubt that this is the right interpretation of the name, though the true origin is obscured in the Greek spelling, and, as might be expected, other derivations have been suggested (e.g. Very little is told us in the Sacred Text concerning the history of Judas Iscariot beyond the bare facts of his call to the Apostolate, his treachery, and his death.

But he agrees with the Synoptics in recording a more explicit prediction of the treachery at the Last Supper : "When Jesus had said these things, he was troubled in spirit ; and he testified, and said: Amen, amen I say to you, one of you shall betray me" ( John ). John himself, at Peter's request, asked who this was, " Jesus answered: He it is to whom I shall reach bread dipped.

And when he had dipped the bread, he gave it to Judas Iscariot, the son of Simon. And Jesus said to him: That which thou dost, do quickly.

(Mark -1 ) In both these accounts it will be noticed that Judas takes the initiative: he is not tempted and seduced by the priests, but approaches them on his own accord. Luke tells the same tale, but adds another touch by ascribing the deed to the instigation of Satan: And Satan entered into Judas, who was surnamed Iscariot, one of the twelve.

And he went, and discoursed with the chief priests and the magistrates, how he might betray him to them.

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