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Instead she reported him to the local sheriff and the FBI.Related: Dating App Caters to the Rich by Weeding Out the Poor declined to comment on Joanna’s case specifically, but in a statement it said it goes to considerable lengths to make sure users are aware that they could encounter fraud artists.

That’s particularly true if they’ve been through difficult circumstances, such as divorce, losing a job, serious illness and other major losses, says Doug Shadel, a fraud researcher and director of AARP Washington.Then he needed money to get materials for his job out of customs.A car accident was followed by other emergencies that prevented him from coming home — and led to requests for more cash. He told Joanna he’d really fallen in love with her.Federal officials acknowledge that many cases are not investigated, but they encourage people to report these crimes because the information helps them spot patterns and build cases against repeat offenders.And it allows victims to claim the loss on their taxes.

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