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But at bottom, I think they were an agglomeration of my fears, anxieties and expectations—along with the usual dating clichés and demographic markers of what it means to be single, online and looking for love.

Lots of people are cynical about romance in the digital age.

All have found a connection, that elusive thing that binds them to another human being.

Both logic and heavy foreshadowing suggest your “type” includes this hapless vessel for existential dread. In they pour, all corpse-breath and fang: Closet-dwellers.

I’m shy, I’m insecure, I fear rejection and the possibility my male gaze (I’ve taken one survey class on feminism in college) is offensive and an objectifying intrusion.I don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable with my advances, silent eyeballs or otherwise.I won’t let my eyes linger on a sheer shirt and black bra.i thought i would go for it – the one written about me. It made me feel better knowing that someone else was on the receiving end of those missives—even if it wasn’t the one I was looking for.The Internet is more than a cooperation of computers. And where people meet, even anonymously, it seems that Romance and Love will enter the equation as well.

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While online dating has gained an increasingly positive reputation, there are still plenty of pitfalls.

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