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Isn't dating already all about where you live, internet involved or not?This past February, the residential real estate website Trulia decided to figure out what were the best places to live if you were single, with their chief economist and head of analytics, Jed Kolko taking the lead.But in terms of dating, it has the ability to come off a little Big Brother-esque while raising new questions.

A 2010 study by found that the most common place to meet your spouse is work/school.However, on the other hand, everyone has had their share of bad dates with most leaving you never wanting to see that person again (that whole 'kiss a lot of toads' saying is most applicable here.) So, if your dating profile shows users in your immediate area and you know that you have a high chance of meeting a toad, then knowing Mr.Toad lives down the street after the date could be awkward.Will I, personally, need to move to Boystown or other gay-borhoods with high densities of other gay men to have any hopes of meeting someone?And, are these anxieties even any different than others that arose before the time of digital dating?

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