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Further, it tells us what to remember, by helping to rewire our brains.Internet porn just happens to elicit spikes of dopamine for or softcore videos "shocking" or "anxiety-producing?Alas, our brains haven't yet adapted, and this can create unexpected problems: "I've used porn for years. My problem escalated about 18 months ago when I got high-speed Internet.All of a sudden, I went from just viewing pictures online, to viewing videos and movies online instantaneously.

I can't fathom having access to visual representations of every possible sexual taste before feeling the biological urge to whack it.Research confirms anticipation of reward and novelty amplfy one another to increase excitement and rewire the limbic brain.(see this reddit thread: I spend more time looking for the right porn video then I actually spend fapping).As neuroscientist David Linden explains, smoking hooks a far greater percentage of users than heroin, even though heroin furnishes a bigger neurochemical blast. They instinctively know where the dopamine drip is: "I tend to think it's the porn that is the hyper-stimulus resulting in erectile dysfunction, not the masturbation.The odd thing I am finding about my personal experiment is that without online porn, I don't really feel like masturbating.

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Before long, it will be enhanced with sex toys that simulate physical contact. Dopamine levels are the barometer by which we decide (and remember) the value of any experience.

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