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I would certainly hate to face a CPA examination that had nearly equal coverage of both FASB and IASB standards simultaneously.

I say this especially after viewing the hundreds of pages of complicated differences between the two standards systems.

But clients and auditors generally contend that the cost of doing this greatly exceeds benefits.

And teaching financial accounting would become exceedingly complicated if we had to teach two sets of standards on an equal basis.

Even though we allow IFRS for SEC registered foreign companies, I think it would be a total mess for the SEC, the PCAOB, investors, analysts, educators, trainers, auditing, and even the IRS (where tax and reporting treatments must sometimes be reconciled) if our domestic corporations could choose between FASB versus IASB standards.

"principles-based" standards replace more detailed requirements for complex financial contracts such as structured financing contracts and financial instruments derivatives contracts? For example, FAS 123R simply altered how to make disclosures rather than alter the disclosures themselves since employee option expenses had to be disclosed before the FAS 123R adoption date.Why do sales discounts have such high annual percentage rates? Programs What went wrong in accounting/accountics research? The general impossibility of normative accounting standards. Why accountancy doctoral programs are drying up and why accountancy is no longer required for admission or graduation in an accountancy doctoral program Programs Accountics Scientists Seeking Truth: "Frankly, Scarlett, after I get a hit for my resume in The Accounting Review I just don't give a damn" One more mission in what's left of my life will be to try to change this Accounting History Blast from the Past Demski, J. This is not to say that professionalized disciplines or the modern service professions that imitated them became socially irresponsible. It may well be that IFRS is more restrictive in some areas and less restrictive in other areas to a fault.FIN 48 Liability if Transaction Is Later Disallowed by the IRS Controversy Over FAS 2 versus IAS 38 on Research and Development (R&D) Management ((Managerial) and Cost Accounting Zero-Based Budgeting Creative Earnings Management, Agency Theory, and Accounting Manipulations to Cook the Books Debt Versus Equity (including shareholder earn-out contracts) Synthetic Assets and Liabilities Accounting Go to Time versus Money Go go Go to Disputes Intangibles: An Accounting Paradox Intangibles: Selected References On Accounting for Intangibles EBR: Enhanced Business Reporting (including non-financial information) The Controversy Over Revenue Reporting and HFV --- Cost Conundrum: What a Texas town can teach us about health care Which is More Value-Relevant: Earnings or Cash Flows? Went Wrong Accounting History Blast from the Past Demski, J. But their contributions to society began to flow from their own self-definitions rather than from a reciprocal engagement with general public discourse. This is one topical area where IFRS becomes much too subjective such that comparisons of derivatives and hedging activities under IFRS can defeat the main purpose of "standards." The main purpose of an "accounting standard" is to lead to greater comparability of inter-company financial statements.In addition, an ethical question of the cost impact on medical patients of these patent rights may be included in class discussion of this article. () Examine Abbott Laboratories' most recent quarterly financial statement filing with the SEC, available at by clicking on the live link to Abbot Laboratories in the on-line version of the article, then SEC Filings under "Other Resources" in the left-hand column of the web page, selecting the 10-Q filing submitted 2008-05-02 and selecting the html version of the entire document.How large are Abbott Labs intangible assets and research and development expenditures? How do the accounting practices for intangible assets and R&D expenditures impact the way in which you assess the size of these items relative to Abbott Labs operations? () "Drug companies typically have three to ten years of exclusive patent rights remaining when their products hit the market." Why is this the case?

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But even here early adoption of FAS 123R by Company A versus late adoption by Company B made simple comparisons of eps and P/E ratios between these companies less easy.

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