Orthodox jewish dating questions

The first step in considering with whom one is emotionally compatibility is, therefore, reviewing the kinds of people with whom one has tended to form close friendships.Are there patterns in the type of buddies one chooses in school, yeshiva, camp, summer jobs, or the neighborhood?The following questions might be helpful when using a pattern of friendships to determine with whom one might be compatible: Helping someone review the relationships in their life that met – or definitely did not meet – the above criteria can provide guidance as to the type of person with whom they are likely to be emotionally compatible.Even those whose relationships have tended to be problematic can benefit from this exercise.Although successfully mentoring someone in this area takes a degree of psychological sophistication, ignoring the need for emotional compatibility is an option.

Most people appreciate that these qualities are the central basis of a healthy marriage, and sometimes assume that others wanting to get married will have these qualities.

For example, some people are high strung, nervous, and excitable. Some are happy-go-lucky, and likely to take things in stride, while others are more thoughtful and introspective, deeply affected by events.

Some people are expressive, wearing their emotions on their sleeves, while others are more reserved.

When this emotional ‘fit’ is present, negotiating life’s inevitable bumps and challenges goes more smoothly, and each finds a sense of fulfillment sharing their lives with the other.

The challenge, of course, is in determining the type of person with whom one is likely to be compatible.

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