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Gilbert, AZ: Eden Communications, Christian Answers Network,1.

Second law of thermodynamics – Does this basic law of nature prevent evolution?

Many people are either shifting from traditional cable TV service to Internet-based streaming services such as NETFLIX and HULU , or they are supplementing their cable services with these new technologies.

A popular device that enables access to hundreds of programs is called: ROKU Now, this is a great product, but it is not without some (manageable) risks.

I must confess that the conservative calculations sound reasonable in parts.

This thinking places at least some of the gospels well before the fall of Jerusalem and the destruction of the temple in 70 CE.

But, if you want certain channels, like NETFLIX or HULU or VUDU, then you have to pay, but you pay the channels, not Roku, through subscribing to the channel.

As I write this there are 700 channels, with more arriving all the time. For example: If you install the NETFLIX channel you will still need a NETFLIX account to access the content.

Less time for oral history means less time for legends to develop, and this points to a more reliable gospel message. More information will be generated this year than in the previous 5,000 years, and the amount of new technical information is doubling every two years. The world of the 1940s and 1950s has ceased to exist and since the year 2000 it is already disappearing. They may be available on an adult web site (say, the code for a porn channel might be available on its corresponding web site), or they may be on any of the many lists of private channels that are available online.The adult entertainment industry has latched onto Roku with a vengeance!

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