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Few utter even a word.“Everyone who comes through the door, they walk in with one thing on their mind, which is sex,” one Playpen employee, a porter, said. “And now you get to a point where you’re in so deep that you don’t know how to get out.

You just keep trying and you hope for a miracle.”Anastasia, who is married with children, said: “You can’t really justify doing it anymore.

Him I have to tell stories into a tape recorder.”During the middle of the day, the busiest hours at the Playpen, unaccompanied men of middle age or better trickle in. ”Anastasia is lighthearted by nature, a trait that has buoyed her years behind the glass, and though she is quick to say she is miserable, she sees a bright side.“We complain — all of us,” she said.

They do not browse or peruse but instead walk with purpose, toward a familiar product or toward the booths. You lose touch with humanity.”The porter said his years at the Playpen had taken their toll.“I came into this business not understanding my behavior and how it affected other people,” he said, referring to problems with sex addiction he had earlier in his life. Back then it was like, yeah, I’m lying, but I’m making money.

Then there are the women who work upstairs, about 20, and who are considered independent contractors.Business has dwindled, but Anastasia’s regulars save her. She has names for them: “Stockings guy — he likes me to wear stockings. I have tape recorder guy, who I haven’t seen in forever. But at the same time, this job afforded me a lifestyle that I wouldn’t have been able to have. When you hear "peep show" you probably think of video cubicles that reek of Pine-Sol and bleach (one person per booth, please! Now, with the closure of The Playpen, looks like Manhattan has but three actual live-girl peepshows still in operation. The Playpen, which closed on August 1st, had it all—straight gay video peeps, plus wall-to-wall porn, with categories ranging from "barely legal" to "shemale" to "animal." Plus!Live, nude girlie shows, albeit behind glass and costing for five minutes (we hear). The Playpen's marquee also featured a neon skyline that included the Twin Towers, which they never bothered to remove after 9/11, presumably to show the terrorists that they might be able to destroy our buildings, but they could never crush our reluctance to spend money on cosmetic changes. What other venerable porn institutions has 693 Eighth Avenue housed?

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