Plex movie library not updating

Now, this is where some of the fighting occurs, because both My Cloud and Twonky can modify this file…

The default value is -1, which should make it ‘talk to’ the file system, so that changes to the file system cause a re-scan. Setting the control to a positive value will set a rescan interval in minutes. If you add new files to your file store, and want them to be seen in the library immediately, you can force a rescan; initiate a library rescan, using either: Optimising Operation of the Media Server Q. [It is assumed that the My Cloud Dashboard uses these Twonky service calls to start and stop the Twonky server]. Once you have logged in, use the This file contains all the settings that control how Twonky works. Some Unix experience will help, but I’ll try to explain all the commands you’ll need. IMHO, it’s a bit off to make dire threats like this when you often NEED to SSH login to get the advertised services to work properly. Why does my media player not show the right track information?The list is simply a set of comma-separated strings.

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Feel free to investigate and confirm or disprove my observations… These settings will stay in place provided My Cloud does not restart Twonky; this will happen if you turn controls on any of the Shares. A: That’s a good question, [and there are probably many reasons]…

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