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A terminally lovestruck Bob forces another meeting with Helen and tries to convince her his marriage isn't legal, but Helen insists on hearing it from his wife and secretly asks her to come to her office.In the meantime, Bob asks his girlfriend, night club singer Gretchen (Fran Jeffries), to pose as his wife (or better, Frank Broderick's wife), and when she cancels at the last minute because of an audition, he asks his secretary Susan (Leslie Parrish) to go instead.Bob's friend and neighbor, stocking manufacturer Frank Broderick (Henry Fonda), is having marriage issues with his strong-willed wife Sylvia (Lauren Bacall), but can't find the time to go to a counselor.Therefore, Bob decides to impersonate Frank and go to Helen as a patient, with the goal of getting close to her in order to gather more information.UK, Australia, Canada and USA has loads of Punjabi out there as well. If you are looking for some cool mutyar (girls) or a handsome gabroo (boys) then you are at the right place.Punjabi chat rooms offer you a free online medium to communicate with other .Don't wait and add now our number to your phone contacts and enjoy of an adult phone chat session where and when you want. this is available from the next cities: Mumbai, Delhi, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Kolkata, West & Bengal, Chennai, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Orissa...

After he fakes a suicide attempt, the two of them end up making out in her apartment, with Bob realizing he's actually falling for Helen, which is the reason he still has not written anything about her, prompting an ultimatum from his boss.

In trying to convince Sylvia to pardon Frank, she finally finds out the man who's been coming to her studio was not Frank Broderick at all, but rather STOP Magazine's managing editor Bob Weston. In the meantime, Bob refuses to let the magazine publish anything about Helen, and is consequently fired.

In a frantic final act, Helen and Rudy are driving to the airport, while Frank, after being released, didn't understand Sylvia learned the truth so has decided to quit everything and elope to Hawaii with Gretchen; at the same time, Bob is chasing after Helen, and Sylvia is chasing after Frank.

Bob Weston (Tony Curtis) works for STOP, a scandal magazine whose owner and staff are proud of being regarded as the filthiest rag in America.

One of Bob's colleagues has just written an article about Dr.

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