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Romantic love maintains a wholly "natural" image, evading challenge or critical scrutiny by seeming inevitable, incomprehensible, and wonderful. We need to question the limits we have placed on what counts as a "romantic" relationship.Freedom to love — the right to choose one's own relationships without fear, shame or secrecy — is critical, not just for individuals but for us all collectively.Our ideals of "romantic" love regulate not just our expectations about sex but also our conceptions of family and the nature of parenthood.Ultimately, what we call "romantic" is a philosophical issue that touches on the core of who we (think we) are, and what we value.There's nothing new here: Monogamy has historically been gendered.

We collectively write the "script" that determines the shape of the privileged ("romantic") relationship style.My internet trolls focus on sex, partly because presenting non-monogamous relationships as "just sex" makes it easier to degrade them, and partly because women who violate the monogamy norm — whose sexuality is out of (someone's) control — are a threat to an ancient feeling of entitlement over women's sexuality and reproductive potential.In contrast, a non-monogamous man is, at least sometimes, liable to be regarded as a "stud." Apart from monogamy, the only other relationship structure that controls paternity in a similar way is patriarchal polygamy, which is stigmatized in contemporary North America, for reasons including bona fide feminism as well as racism and cultural imperialism.When I go to conferences, I can't help noticing all the philosophers who are in closeted non-monogamous relationships.This discrepancy between reality and socially acknowledged reality can be disorienting; the "official" number of non-monogamous people in the room is almost always one (me). No doubt there are several factors at work, but I want to talk about one that's both powerful and insidious: Non-monogamy isn't considered "romantic." Romantic love is widely considered to be the best thing life has to offer: "Failing" at romance is often construed as failing at life.

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My boyfriend's father no longer speaks to him about anything but the weather because he is in a polyamorous relationship with me.

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