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[Edited, 05/██/1962] Due to the subterranean nature, self-ambulatory capabilities, and physical properties of SCP-1179, enforcement of containment has to date proven impossible.Project Tartarus is charged with continuous research into developing additional practical containment measures for SCP-1179.[Edit, ██/██/2009] A bunker has been constructed in a geologically stable section of Area 179, allowing for Foundation operations in the area and monitoring of SCP-1179.Foundation security personnel, along with local law enforcement, are to coordinate to prevent civilians from entering Area 179, in accordance with warnings issued by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection.Survivors generally describe its head as “monstrous,” with some mentioning curved horns consistent with the original form of SCP-1179. Still others state that SCP-1179 has neither horns nor fangs, and its face is encircled by flames which reach down into a long beard of fire.Eyewitnesses cannot agree whether or not it has wings.Its body often is seen as a combination of fire, smoke, and hardening lava.From there, the descriptions begin to diverge wildly.

In May 1962, residents of the nearby town lit a trash fire in a landfill which had been created from an abandoned coal mine.

Effects on civilians are within tolerable levels, with the populace generally unaware of the scale of SCP-1179.

Following the incident with Todd Domboski and the associated quantity of press coverage, the Foundation is to work to relocate civilians from Area-179.

Photographic evidence has failed to produce a conclusive image of SCP-1179, due to inexplicable camera feed disruptions, operator panic, and physical destruction of cameras.

Expeditionary teams have described SCP-1179 as “having hellfire” for eyes and generally having great height.

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