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What began as a passion of Glenn & Donna's grew into an unstoppable force of freedom, acceptance, and sexual exploriation for not only for the BDSM community, but also glam fetish, swinger, straight, lgbtqi, and alt community.

Quickly, FF became a beacon in the night, and attracted the curious and adventurous who looked for something more.

To unlock it, successfully complete Side Op 50: "Capture The Legenday Jackal", which only becomes available after completing story Mission 31.

You must then develop the Wormhole Device at Mother Base in your i Droid.

A monthly & semi-annual fetish party and sister social networks.

Our networks tie together the community from the parties and brings your party experience online.

You can even use it in buildings or when there is something overhead, as it always has a 100% extraction chance.This side op only becomes available after completing story Mission 31.If it does not appear after Mission 31, it is because only a limited number of side ops can simultaneously be active per area.Hand Of Jehuty teleport weapon The Hand Of Jehuty is a teleport upgrade for your Prosthetic Arm.When you shoot someone with it, they will be teleported to your location, and you can use CQC to take them out silently.

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This will then give you the "Grand Master Certificate (Elite)" key item, which allows you to develop the Raiden suit through your i Droid at Mother Base.

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