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Honesty may be the best policy in marriage but that rule is being studiously ignored when it comes to the thorny issue of women earning more than men, it seems.A study by the US Census Bureau has found that couples in which...In the 6th and 7th centuries after Christ, West Wicklow emerged as one of the most significant outposts for the Christian community in Europe during an otherwise dark and fearful time.

The half-brother of the Olympic star Mo Farah has been sentenced to four years in prison for robbery. Viking & Norman Invasions Plunder & Pillage - The Battle of Glen Mama (Dunlavin) - Brian Boru - The Cistercian Order - Strongbow's Invasion - Glendalough's Decline. Medieval Ireland War and Plague - Edward the Bruce's Invasion - The End of Glendalough -The Rise of the Fitz Geralds - The Dissolution of the Monasteries - Silken Thomas - The Eustace Family. Elizabethan Ireland Robert Piphoe of Rathsallagh - Massacre of Mullaghmast - The Eustace Rebellion - Sir Henry Harrington of Grangecon. Rathsallagh, the Ryves & the House of Stuart Origins of the Ryves Family - Sir William Ryves - The Confederate Wars - Dr.In the following pages, the story is relayed in chronological fashion so that the reader might learn not just about the history of the farm itself but of the history of the island on which it stands.Internal warfare and the invasions of Viking, Norman and English armies took their toll on the landscape; Rathsallagh was one of infinite pawns in the subsequent struggle for political supremacy between the indigenous Irish, the Anglo-Norman settlers and the Elizabethan armies of the late 16th century.By the 17th century, Ireland had fallen to the English Crown and Rathsallagh came under the possession of the Ryves family, a bloodline intimately associated with the ruling elite of both England and Ireland through to the accession of Queen Victoria.

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