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HP is basically the most important resource in the game.This allows you to perform actions and interact with the potential love interests.Because the amount earned is consistent, you may want to compute early on how many turns it will take to woo the character of your choice.That way, you'll have the option to start fresh if you think you won't make the cut. Location: Gardens Likes for gifts: Anything To get the best ending, you need: EXP: 500 Strenght: 3 Intelligence: 3 Charm: 3 Sakka is a secret character. Toko who is in the movie theater in order to enter the gardens. Toko, just move your cursor over the seats in the movie theatre. -Indeed, and I will keep on doing so...-Sort of, but I don't think it can control us.-That's not true. -You'll eventually fall for me, just watch...-But me beinmg here makes it not vacant! I'm used to it I guess.-But there are way more stars than people...-But I can still keep going if I have HP! Being a dating sim, the game ends when you finish a romance with one of Purra's inhabitants.

He tends to have secrets that you must uncover with your words. As Air, you are the only human in a land inhabited by animal spirits.While the story states that you are enrolled in the academy, you don't really spend much time attending classes or doing school work.Heading to the actual school building gives you the ability to paint a portrait for the apple of your eyes or bake his favorite cake.That being said, you can't buy materials for the gifts without any shells (the game's currency) and working to earn some shells will require you to expend HP.

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