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This naturally raises the question - how does Python know where to find packages when you call ?

This post applies specifically to Python 2.7.9, but I'm guessing Python 3x works very similarly.

Thus, the author of a module can use global variables in the module without worrying about accidental clashes with a user’s global variables.

On the other hand, if you know what you are doing you can touch a module’s global variables with the same notation used to refer to its functions, Note For efficiency reasons, each module is only imported once per interpreter session.

The file name is the module name with the suffix time the module name is encountered in an import statement.

test/ # root folder pack A/ # package pack A sub A/ # subpackage sub A __init__sa1sa2__init__a1a2pack B/ # package pack B (implicit namespace package) b1b2.See section Python comes with a library of standard modules, described in a separate document, the Python Library Reference (“Library Reference” hereafter).Some modules are built into the interpreter; these provide access to operations that are not part of the core of the language but are nevertheless built in, either for efficiency or to provide access to operating system primitives such as system calls.For example, the file before the code in that file is executed.This variable can be modified; doing so affects future searches for modules and subpackages contained in the package.

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