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But she couldn’t make it since her own film, Sarkar Raj, was releasing on the same date.

I’d just say that I haven’t found love yet, the city has nothing to do with it. I thought of all the people who have mattered to me in my career and Ekta was one of them. I sent her an sms and she was kind enough to reply to my message.

For legions of young women across India in the past decade and even now, the TV hunk who was the perfect example of “the ultimate man” was Rajeev Khandelwal. It might have been years since Sujaal disappeared from our screens but the charm of Rajeev is pretty much undiminished.

Rajeev looks as dishy as ever, has matured into a powerhouse actor and is still an enigma in many ways.

(Pause) I haven’t been in touch with Aamna for the last three-four months.

If she’s dating someone, I’d be the happiest person on this earth.

At the same time, I now understand why the media behaves in a certain way. I have always felt that only reporters who haven’t got it in them resort to yellow journalism. If these instincts go wrong, that’s fine by me as well. The idea was not to own a five BHK or a palatial house in Mumbai or buy a limousine. I made a documentary in Delhi because I was looking for a source of income. Actually, I love writing, conceiving ideas and putting them on paper. But I’m into work, I’m not looking out for someone to fill that vacancy in my life. Let me make this clear once and for all that I didn’t want publicity out of Ekta. It’s believed that you invited Ekta Kapoor for the premiere of Aamir .whip up some publicity.

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