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The virus immediately reads from your contact list, and sends each of the top 20 an SMS by name, like this: The difference between the email viruses of yesteryear and today’s spam-driven malware is that the email viruses almost always came from someone you knew, and often from someone you trusted perfectly well.

That gave you much more reason to open the attachments or click on the links, even if you weren’t entirely sure how wise that was.

That’s how Andr/Slf Mite-A gets around, though it sends itself in the form of an SMS containing a web link, rather than as a self-contained attachment.

So, if you allow yourself to get infected, you don’t just put yourself at risk, you immmediately put your top 20 contacts at risk, too.

That's why the guys can seem so hot and cold—they give you a ton of attention until they're satisfied that you're into them, then they move on.

Yes, it's a dick move, but the guys may not always realize what they're doing.

Case in point: You're seeing or dating a guy and he talks to you during the day, late into the night, and sometimes early the next morning. And then, you don't hear from him for over a week or two. When he pops back on your phone, he acts as if nothing has happened.Also, two friends are likely to be in each other’s top 20 contacts, so if you infect your friend, she’ll soon try to infect you back, which (if nothing else) ought to give you a hint that something is wrong.Nevertheless, computer worms that spread via lists of friends can quickly produce a lot of traffic, and the volume alone can be troublesome.To figure out guys portray this bizarre behavior, I spoke to Ky Henderson from Modern It may be that he likes you, but not enough to advance the relationship from whatever stage it's at now to the next stage (from friends to casual dating, from casual dating to exclusive dating, and etc.).So whenever he senses that things are starting to head in that direction, he pulls back. Some guys need to have women on the hook, even if they're not interested in reeling them in.

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