Red flags on internet dating sites

When you agree to meet, neutral public locations with a lot of people are probably best for meeting someone new.

Always tell a friend what your plans are and if they change.

Immediately asks you for a drink, date or phone number.

Online dating has gone from something that was scoffed at a few years ago, to a ubiquitous technology that is as mainstream as ordering pizza.

This could be part of a phishing scam or something much worse.

Until you've really gotten to know someone, you should never give out your location.

I ask for the guy’s username, and quickly read his profile.

Says he wants “no drama.” This often means he’s emotionally unavailable to anyone and will only do what he wants to do. A lot of scammers will use bots, (programs that mimic human interactions) to try and con users into visiting sites or performing some action that scammers want their victim to perform (such as divulging personal information. They don't interact well (except for maybe some of the more robust "chatterbots").When you ask a bot a question, it's most likely not going to give you a straight answer.If they start asking a lot of deeply personal questions that seem out of context, they could be attempting to phish you for personal information that they could use for identity theft purposes. It's one of the critical pieces of information they might need to set up an account in your name.If the dating profile is weak and has very little info other than a generic statement like the cliche "I love to laugh" then it might be a red flag that they may just be using canned cut-and-paste scam profile information.

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