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Regino records disputes between "Alanum et Iudicheil duces Brittonium" in 890.

Guillaume of Jumiges records that Charles III "le Simple" King of the West Franks granted "terram maritimam ab Ept flumine usque ad Britannicos limites" together with "sua filia...

The charter dated 19 May [851/57], in which "Erispoiusprovinci Brittani princeps" names "genitoris mei Nominoeconsobrini mei Salomonis filiique mei Conan episcoporumque", suggests that she may have been --- of Brittany, sister of Nomino Duke of Brittany, daughter of ---, assuming that "consobrinus" is interpreted in its strict sense. However, he rebelled and defeated King Charles at Brissarthe in 866 helped by Viking allies, but was granted the county of Coutances (Cotentin and Avranchin) under the peace agreed subsequently.

He styled himself king in charters Her parentage and marriage are confirmed by the Annales Bertiniani which name "Paswithen gener Salamonis" when recording that he negotiated peace with Charles II "le Chauve" King of the West Franks at Compigne in early Aug 867.

Regino records that "Pasquitano et Vurfando" killed "Salomon rex Brittonum" in 874, specifying that they divided the kingdom between them although Pascwethen received the larger share ([after 857]) --- of Brittany, daughter of ERISPO Duke of Brittany & his wife [Marmohec ---].

Her parentage is deduced from the Annales Mettenses which names "Judicheil ex filia Heriospoii regis natus" when recording that he ruled jointly with "Alanus frater Pasquitani".

The chronology of this passage appears incompatible with the death of Alain in 907.The most likely explanation therefore is that Alain remarried after the death of his wife Oreguen, had a son by this second marriage, and that his widow married secondly after her first husband died.This would explain the joint holding of property in which the other sons of Duke Alain are not stated to have held any interest.] Duke Alain I & his [first] wife had [six] children: (-after 30 Nov 909). Emperor Louis I "le Pieux" installed him as missus imperatoris in Brittania (sole ruler) in [831]. Emperor Louis I confirmed the donation of "fideli nostri Nomino" to the monastery "Rotonensi S. His forces defeated the Frankish army of Charles II "le Chauve" King of the West Franks at Redon 22 Nov 845, following their attack in retaliation for the murder of Renaud Comte de Nantes by Erispo, Nomino's son.The two sides made peace in 846The Chronicle of Admar de Chabannes records that "Nomenoius dux" captured and destroyed "Redonas civitatem et Nannetis" before returning to Brittany, the event being dated from the context to the early 850s.

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"Salomontotius Britanni magneque parties Galliarum princeps" donated property to the abbey of Redon by charter dated 17 Apr 869, naming "antecessores nostri Nominoe videlicet Erispoe", witnessed by "Riuuallon et Guegon filii supradicti Salamonis".

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