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He then pulled up to a secluded parking lot (this was late at night), turned his car off and just sat there staring out the window for like 10 minutes. Then, after two hours, we're leaving and he calls me Emily. Best part is that because he just broke up with his girlfriend, he just moved into a new apartment. Two, a guy lectured me on Dungeons and Dragons for 40 minutes. Then he made a not at all funny joke about strangling me and following me to another state that I was traveling that weekend.

Think about it, he is in a situation where the first thing you think about is that you are being watched and pretty quickly you realize that everything you do makes this other person feel uncomfortable and maybe a little turned on despite themselves.I don't know why I didn't just ditch him at the movies but I got back into his car so he could drive me home.Well he ended up going the wrong way and again never said a word to me. Then he talked at length about the six year relationship he just got out of.The most common sexual fetish is having sex in public, this situation is the best of both worlds because he gets to be exhibitionist and at the same time there's no chance of getting in trouble for it.Your roommate is probably getting the best sex of her life, and it's at your expense.

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It ended up by me being stalked for about 4 months before he finally gave up. She always seemed awkwardly close to her brother, and after three months she says: "I can't hide it anymore, will you have a three way with me and [brother]?

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