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Take into account that by scaling your Mule application you could be imposing too much on your Hazelcast cluster and might have to scale that as well.INFO 2016-09-30 ,430 [Wrapper Listener_start_runner] com.cluster.hazelcast. Hazelcast Manager: Configuring cluster in client mode INFO 2016-09-30 ,430 [Wrapper Listener_start_runner] com.cluster.hazelcast.In the Deploy Application dialog, enter a unique application name.

If you’re deploying your app to multiple instances (by setting the Replication Factor field) and you want these instances to communicate with each other as a cluster, you must bind them to a Hazelcast service (or several, one service per Hazelcast instance).If the name is valid, the Runtime Manager alerts you whether it is available or already reserved by another user.Through this field, you can set on how many instances to deploy your application.But if you’re using it on a different environment, you might configure it to be an Amazon RDS server.Just like with Cloud Hub and on-premise Mule runtime deployments, applications that you deploy to PCF can still bundle their own property placeholder or secure property placeholder files inside the deployable archive file.

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