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Dating Advice: Seems steadfast at first, but expensive tastes mean you should watch your wallet.

2018 BMW i3s Pros: Good handling, great torque, tons of front-seat room, excellent visibility Cons: Odd looking, interior layout different for difference's sake, peculiar ergonomics, short range While there were other 2018 BMW i3s models around for us to drive, my wheel time came during the autocross competition that was set up in the parking lot at Thermal.

The course was short, and it seems unusual to whip a skinny-tired, odd-looking EV around a track.

But the i3s acquitted itself admirably around the 28-second course.

Quiet, comfortable, and with no lack of power detected on the uphill sections of the route, the new X3 was a delightful companion for the drive.I didn't do the school, but I did get some seat time in a plethora of BMW and Mini cars on the street and the track.There wasn't enough time for everything, but here are our speed dating cards for five different BMWs, and one Mini.Usually when we evaluate a car we have days behind the wheel, or at least several hours, to come to terms with our opinions.After all, it's hard to get a fully rounded view of a car after only a few minutes.

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Dating Advice: Not cheap, but a graceful combination of luxury and practicality means mom might approve.

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  1. Historian Moria Weigel explains the difficulties of dating throughout history in her book, and identifies something new about our current era. “But what’s ironic is that more of the work now is not actually around the interaction you have with a person, it’s around the selection process, and the process of self-presentation”.