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She moved to Los Angeles to enrich her acting career and even underwent remarkable physical transformation—she reduced her weight in order to bag roles.She followed up the success of ‘Hairspray’ by starring in other movies like ‘Cry-Baby’ (alongside Johnny Depp and Susan Tyrrell), ‘Cecil B.In 2004, the show announced it was coming to a close after 11 seasons.

Ricki Lake has since announced plans to return to television after more than six years to host a new syndicated talkshow.

Ricki Lake debuted in September 1993 and, in its first season, skyrocketed to the top of the charts, second only to seasoned veteran, Oprah.

The show’s unprecedented success seemed to derive from Lake’s no-holds barred take on such heated issues as teenage pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, and infidelity, as well as her skillful provocation of the emotionally charged audience.

Recently, she worked on a documentary titled ‘Sweetening the Pill’ which features the hazards of hormonal birth control on women.

In personal life, she was married to Rob Sussman and Christian Evans.

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