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The biggest increase among bad bots are impersonators, bots that try to take on a fake identity in some form.

Their goal is to penetrate website security and wreak havoc once inside.

The business of helping developers develop these apps is a thing now.

You may have believed you were talking with Ted, a friendly and qualified service technician, but the reality is you were likely speaking to a bot. You are more likely to encounter them if you are a man looking for a woman.

This is because the sites need to give the appearance that the balance of men and women is more equal than it actually is to help keep members engaged and involved.

“There’s research showing that people who stay off of social media are more prone to isolation because they’re missing out on the place where the action is.”At any moment in time, that action could stall out.

Your friends might all be busy, unable to provide that quick rush of dopamine you get from a Like, a fav, or comment.

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