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No more marathon viewings of Elvis movies, and Horton Heat videos!No more calling up your friends in the middle of the night to find out what's cool and what isn't!If this is too hard, then just make a couple of bands up! We know you can't build a car, (THIS IS AGAIN ONLY FOR MORE ADVANCED ROCKABILLIES). You can hang out around it and make people think its yours when he goes to take a piss or when he's busy fighting off all the hot girls he's attracted cause he has a car, (and you don't). If you're a chick, just bend over to point out some doohickey or another on the guy's car, "OOOoooo, I just luuuuuvvvvvv your air filter!There are a million obscure rockabilly bands from back then and no one knows ALL of them, (except Mark Lee Allen. (Now remember, this is only a beginners book, so you may want to consult my follow up book, THE IDIOTS GUIDE TO HOTRODS.) First off, '57 Chevys are not cool. " When you're cleavage comes popping out of your tiny size 4 dress he'll be hooked, and you'll have a car to hang out on! (You can steal this from mom's fridge if need be, this is important shit!(Also to be discussed in future chapters) -And a switchblade.(Don't worry nervous nellie, you'll never use it)Ok ladies, you'll need a little help here to catch up to your greaser counterpart over there with his hep wallet chain and switchblade.That was my wife at the time, and we put it in her name. Her name is on this song and that song, and she's still getting money." Jordan also filmed a "soundie" performance of the song, which was shown in movie theaters.At the same time as Jordan's success, the song was also recorded both by Erskine Hawkins and Woody Herman.

No more searching desperately through various hotrod magazines!

This is lame and people will see you for the poser scenster you are.

(Kind of like those Gothic kids calling themselves Goth or the Punk Rock kids saying they're punk, get it? ) REAL rockabilly people refer to rockabilly as "rab", "billy", or "the scene". The bigger the cuff on your jeans the more rockabilly you are, so go hog wild with those suckers! No problem, I'll let you in on a little known secret: You don't have to own a car to be in a car club or wear a car club jacket! Its a seldom discussed fact that really only maybe 10% of car club members own cars.

No worries doll, just get yourself a girdle to cinch yourself in. (Refer back to patient friend with strong stomach in previous chapter). To truly fit in with your newly adopted culture there are two things you'll need some basic knowledge of: Music: Ok, now we know you like Tiger Army, and well, ok, that's a good start.

Depending on how long you can hold your breathe, this will work, and if you play your cards right sweetheart you might catch the attention of one of those cute greaser boys! Play hard to get and you might even get three dates in before he gets that dress off you and finds out you're not a size 4! But you need to be able to speak knowledgably about more rockabilly music.

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(Note: rockabilly girls may only sport three shades of hair color: black, red, or blond. Curls, liberal use of hairspray, and you're good to go! For everyday you'll need jeans, (consult previous chapter for cuff rule), any ridiculously small top that spills your boobs out over it, and a bandanna to wear in your unnaturally black hair.

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  1. #2 Guys are attracted only by the physical appearances of a girl at first sight. It could be a girl’s cute smile, the way she flicks her hair or even they way she stares at him from across the room that draws him to her.