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Answer 1: The phone number for Tractor Supply is (615) 440-4000. She bullied one of her co working to make a false statement about me. Jones didn’t realize I was standing behind her and witnessed it. NOW BECASUSE OF ALISON JONES DISHONEST FALSE STATEMENTS IM NO LONGER ALLOWED IN YOUR STORE.

Alison Jones told the co oker he better then slammed her hand down on the counter. Even though you’ve hired this female with mental issues,at no time have tried to speak to Alison Jones. If look at the cameras you will I’ve had no communication with this female who seems to have mental issues.

The messed up part was these people don’t do their job we’re given the hours of somebody who is dedicated to the job and would’ve done anything asked of him and did.

I will never do business with tractor Supply ever again.

Tractor Supply Company ,or TSC for short, began in 1938 as a mail order tractor parts business founded by Charles E. In 1939, the first retail store opened in Minot, North Dakota.

In 1958, the company went public and growth accelerated.

I deal with the tractor supply in Fredericksburg Texas and spend between seven and 15,000 a year.When I tried to explain why the discount was in place she just kept telling me it she was obeying corporate policy.Obviously this is not a corporate policy since I have been given that discount for 10 years.In 1987, all Canadian stores are sold to Murray Cummins. The Tractor Supply corporate office is located in Brentwood, Tennessee. The manager Eleana don’t know her last name, was informed by me that I don’t come into your great store to be harassed.Question 1: What is the phone number for Tractor Supply? Even though I informed the manager when I found out they hired her, even though they knew she was harassing they hired her.

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