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But I sure as hell knew of Roger, the former host of one of the staple shows of the late 1990s/early 2000s—”Blind Date.” It just so happens Roger has appeared in 1,001 TV shows, movies, game shows, sitcoms. , and it just goes to show you, in this town you never know who’s watching. Oh, and I have no problem whatsoever with that show being my calling card. Needless to say, I got the performer bug at a really young age. P.: According to IMDB, your first noteworthy acting appearances came as “Albert Andrews” on Days of Our Lives and “James” on General Hospital. Like, do actors bring their A games, or is a filter of cheesiness that needs to be applied? He is an absolutely amazing cat and the best friend you could ever ask for. I was the youngest of the four and really don’t remember my real father.

I was once on stage with the Beach Boys at the old Yankee Stadium. As long as you focus on the craft and don’t get seduced by the whole “being a soap star” thing, it is incredibly beneficial to any performer’s process. L.: I would be lying if I said I never think about how long can I keep this going. I think about my kids and say to myself, “Well, my oldest son is good, but my little ones are only 11 and 9 so I have to keep this rolling for another … Ten years at least …” But I guess showbiz is like any other profession where the suits are always looking for someone younger and cheaper. And, I have to say, once you start trying to do things just to get or keep your name out there, you’re in trouble. And come on—when you think about the great moments in television history, the final episode of M*A*S*H … He was the true father figure in my life and one of my best friends. I’m being serious—the, “The Angels should trade their backup second baseman to the Mets for Matt Harvey and Daniel Murphy!

He also serves as the play-by-play announcer for the Gender Bowl.

He attended Whittier College and played on the basketball team.

He is best known for hosting Blind Date from 1999-2006 and GSN's Camouflage in 2007. He played various minor roles in the entertainment industry for several years, most notably regular guest host for the program Talk Soup, and was John Stamos' roommate for eleven years. Lodge's acting credits include appearances on the ABC sitcom Full House, CBS's Yes, Dear, and UPN's The Parkers. Lodge has been the host of The Price Is Right Live!

He also hosted his own half-hour weekly show for the Sci-Fi Channel revolving around science fiction news with roundtable discussion, entitled S. stage productions in Las Vegas, Nevada and Atlantic City, New Jersey and in July 2007, he began hosting a new game show called Camouflage on GSN.

I played a charity basketball game at the old Boston Garden. Wilt Chamberlain once hit on my girlfriend right in front of me. But to actually star on When we first met my immediate reaction was an excited, “Blind Date! There is no way to recreate performing on an actual working set. To keep your name in front of people who matter in the casting world? But I hit it so hard, I rarely have time to think about that. Just work hard, do what you do and don’t waste time and energy worrying about things you can’t control. I end my radio show everyday with, “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift from God—go make the best of it! We lost him two years ago and I miss him every day.

Host: Roger Lodge Producer: James Allen Board Operator: Derrick Taylor Roger brings his unbridled energy and passion for the Los Angeles Angels and all Southern California sports to the afternoons. I love, love, love, game shows, have hosted game shows and my partner and I just sold a game show to Sony called ! QUAZ EXPRESS WITH ROGER LODGE: • Six adjectives to describe your socks at the end of a pickup basketball game: sweaty, stinky, salty, tired, floppy (like Pistol Pete’s) and often victorious! • Ever thought you were about to die in a plane crash? : I used to fly into New Mexico to shoot a late-night show for Reelz Channel that nobody watched. One particular time in lightening and thunderstorm our little United Express plane was bouncing around everywhere. If I remember correctly, when I asked for a ginger ale, the stewardess who brought it to me was wearing a parachute. : Because even the first time around, sushi is dangerous! L.: I had to audition, and I hosted the show in New Jersey, Las Vegas and at Foxwoods in Connecticut. He’s a joke, a clown and a complete and utter boob, who has never said anything remotely interesting or compelling. • Why do you think the world repeatedly rejects leftover sushi?In 2004, he hosted the ESPN game show ESPN Trivial Pursuit.In late 2005, Lodge joined station KLAC (aka AM 570 Sports) as a fill-in host.

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L.: I have always wanted to be the Johnny Carson or Jon Stewart of sports. and interview tourists, or go to the old Forum, Dodger Stadium or the Coliseum and interview fans walking into game. There’s always something I can do to make a phone call interesting or entertaining. So I explain andmove on to the next,”First time caller, long time listener …” One more thing: Why would I, as a host, want to make anyone feel bad about themselves for not knowing something? And she is a wonderful person with a kind and loving soul.

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