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I can't quite see if it is 51 in the centre of the crest or another small symbol!I was wondering if you had any idea of the year and if it is worth anything?Have been searching and searching online but haven't had any luck identifying the age/pattern. i have dinner plates with 6 dots either side of blue circle and a single dot beneath, they are not any type i can see in pictures own google or looking at sites, they are deep cobalt blue rims with a small lighter blue pattern inside the rim do you know what they might be and i guess looking at date marks they are around 1904 Hi, I have a barrel style jug/pitcher in the Willow pattern, Chinoiserie. I have looked everywhere on-line and can find it only in blue. This service is unique online and is designed to protect my site visitors from wasting their time and money online.Best regards, Peter (admin) hi, i have got a gold coloured royal worcester coffee set but the mark on the bottom of all items has a circle with just one looped W inside.

Regards Michelle===================================note from moderator:-Valuation queries are dealt with here:- the Public Help Forum I have an ivory and gold round porcelain with handle and spout.It has a green mark and an oblong box with numbers on the bottom. I have two bright yellow tea plates that are marked Royal Worcester with the crown but then have some letters and numbers around the edge of the base of the plate ? Thank you Trying to identify a Royal Worcester set of plates and teacups. By the description of the pattern, it appears to be Royal Worcester RW162, although I could be wrong because there is no print.It is difficult to read, but I could see the Letter N in the box along with other numbers. Just a 51 in the middle with Royal Worcester around the stamp. RW162 displays a black floral spray on a white background with a gold rim.This backstamp consists of a W in a circle, the words ROYAL WORCESTER PORCELAIN, and MADE IN ENGLAND.This backstamp is like the previous one, with the addition of the Registered Trademark symbol ®. The difference between these types is determined by the material that was used to manufacture the screw threads of the coddler.

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