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For other currencies than stated above, cut-off times for cross-border payments are applicable.

(2) Available on beneficiary's account D 0 or D 1 depending on the agreement with the bank. (4) The beneficiary will receive the money order by mail.

FINLAND(1) Nordea, Finland has exception to the cut-off times on the following dates: - New Year's Eve - Maundy Thursday On these days the cut-off time for urgent payments is CET.

(2) Payments received between and (CET) will be executed on a best effort basis.

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NORWAY(1) Cut-off times in Sweden apply only for domestic payments via Corporate Netbank.

(3) Same day credit transfers from branches, Netbank, Mobile bank and Corporate Netbank received in Nordea before , and are sent to beneficiary bank at , and (Three clearing cycles during the day).

Cut off time for Corporate e Gateway is and for Unitel EDI cut off time is .

The cut-off time is the latest time where Nordea accepts and effects payment orders to and from customers.

The cut-off time can vary depending on the payment type and the currency involved.

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