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He remained loyal to Jülich for more than 45 years and we will miss him greatly.

Forschungszentrum Jülich will honour his memory, not least through the institute bearing his name – the Peter Grünberg Institute," said Professor Wolfgang Marquardt, Jülich’s Chairman of the Board of Directors, in a tribute to the Nobel laureate.

The group was identified as the likely source of an attack on the German parliament in 2015, as well as NATO and governments in eastern Europe.

The group's 2015 attack on the Bundestag was so far-reaching that the German government was forced to replace its entire IT infrastructure.

Jülich’s blog portal features an electronic condolence book.

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'Secure' network jeopardized The hackers reportedly infiltrated the government's "Informationsverbund Berlin-Bonn" (IVBB) network, a specially designed communications platform which is separate from other public networks to ensure a supposed added layer of security.

It's used exclusively by the chancellery, the German parliament, federal ministries, the Federal Audit Office and several security institutions in Berlin and Bonn; the former German capital where some ministries still have offices.

The German government confirmed on Wednesday that it had suffered a large cyberattack which infiltrated federal computer networks.

The targeted ministries had since taken necessary measures to investigate the attack and protect their data, the spokesman added.

How much data was intercepted within that period of time remains unclear.

Their discovery of the GMR effect, which the two scientists discovered independently of each other, led to a breakthrough in modern information technology: the storage capacity of hard drives was increased significantly, enabling the miniaturization of storage media.

Peter Grünberg had been honoured for this discovery with the German Federal President’s Future Prize in 1989 and the European Inventor Award in 2006.

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He used the resources associated with this professorship to further pursue research in the field of spintronics with his Jülich working group.

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