Ryan gosling on dating rachel mcadams

She only took part in a few press interviews to promote the comedy/thriller, and none of them were on-camera.

Rachel is known for closely guarding her privacy, but she has made no secret of her desire to start a family in recent years.“Having a few (kids) would be great,” she told People magazine back in 2009.

Most of you probably already know that the answer is no. Make no mistake though, these two are not playing house, they have been together since 2011 and now have two daughters together.

I guess the real question of the day is this; can we specifically call anyone Ryan Gosling’s wife? No seriously, we are asking you if you think there’s a chance she and Gosling may actually tie the knot in the nearest future. Anyway, it’s time to get to the topic at hand, beginning with Ryan Gosling’s wife… See also: Hayden Panettiere’s Baby, Husband And Tattoos So we all know Ryan Gosling doesn’t having a wife, but he does have someone he is currently shacking up with, it’s Eva Mendes!

Rachel Mc Adams attends the ' Disobedience' premiere during the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival at Princess of Wales Theatre on September 10, 2017 in Toronto, Canada.

(Photo by Brian de Rivera Simon/Getty Images) Rachel Mcadams and boyfriend Jamie Linden have reportedly become first-time parents.

It was not an oversight on her parent’s part, here’s Eva to explain exactly why her daughters share a name. It was an emotional time with the passing of my brother.

Believe us when we say, there was more PDA to come, lots of it, then by 2014 BOOM!

So why isn’t this woman Ryan Gosling’s wife already?

There have been lots of speculations but with how private this couple is, we will never know unless they tell us themselves.

The Blade Runner 2049 actor made his way down the stairs first, followed by Eva, who sported a floral dress and heels.

The last time we saw Ryan and Eva out together was back in October 2017, when she popped up at the SNL afterparty following Ryan's hosting gig.

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