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At times it's hard for Murphy to compete with Oliver's over-the-top productions, but he's happy to arm with himself with a box of Kleenex and be the Keira Knightley to Oliver's Andrew Lincoln.Together they have built a life at the center of Broadway's millennial talents, with Oliver creating modern musicals like 35mm, a musical exhibition inspired by Murphy's photography, the inventive Jasper in Deadland, and a dark, sexy version of Peter Pan called Darling, while Murphy has photographed shows like Kinky Boots and Rocky, as well as some of today's biggest theatre and dance stars for the New York Times, Playbill, Vanity Fair and Dance Magazine.RSO: She was like, "I want you two to get married."MM: As she's like crying at the table. I had so many feelings, that I started keeping a journal.It seems to me that writing about someone and working with someone would add another layer of intimacy and seriousness to a relationship. MM: I think because Ryan was writing the music and lyrics to everything, and using words to express emotion, and sometimes the emotion was based directly on our relationship or directly on a photo that I had made, I feel like I was always excited about the prospect of hearing emotions you were feeling about our relationship come through your music. I'm a very expressive person, so sometimes I have so much to express that it has to be channeled through additional mediums.He didn't like the idea that I [could be] judging him. It's so ironic — knowing now that he's such a Broadway photographer superstar — that he was insecure about what he was doing, and insecure about what I was thinking of him. It was about how everybody had been such a part of each other's lives. Then, being a gay couple you feel this kind of wonderful freedom when planning a wedding.MM: Well, I think in the same way that writing songs is very intimate for Ryan, photographing somebody and being one on one like that is a different type of intimacy for me. MM: It sounds so cliche, but if I could live in one day for the rest of my life I would live that wedding day over, and over, and over again. It doesn't necessarily have any structure that it has to adhere to.

RSO: We made our interests pretty clear, but we were very respectful of each other, and of our situations. Ultimately, [taking it slow] was the right thing to do. I'd always rushed into things, and it had never really worked. The chef said "I do" to San Francisco's Lesley Eldrige in Maui over the weekend. Before Ryan and Lesley's big island wedding day, friends and family gathered for an island-themed party to kick off the Hawaiian wedding weekend. Prior to the nuptials, Ryan kept fans in the loop about all things #Mauime2014 (that's Maui Me as in Marry Me, get it? And, yes, that included plenty of photos of Ryan's pal, his dog Pumpkin, who seemed to party a little too hard before the couple's big day.We met in passing backstage, and we chatted for a minute at the bar after the show.When I posted all the photos online, Ryan sent me a very sweet message and said he'd like me to photograph his show in September of that year. We talked on Instant Messenger, and began a friendship that way.

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