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Starting in 2007, the show followed the life of the then-16-year-old Sheckler and his quest to conquer the skateboarding world while ditching his pretty-boy image. Fast-forward eight years, and Ryan has blossomed into one of the most influential skaters on the planet. Ryan Sheckler was born on December 30, 1989 in San Clemente, California.He is the eldest child to Randy Sheckler and Gretchen Sheckler.There's lots of girls I see going crazy at skate competitions.

Sheckler was introduced to skateboarding at the age of two when he discovered his father's skateboard.Sheckler introduced to skateboard at the age of 2 with his father encouragement, he had his first kickflip at six.Ryan Sheckler was signed by Etnies skate shoe company at the age of seven.I did just read an article about 20 reasons why we should not take life too seriously. This truly validated why I'm usually so happy, I really laugh so often throughout the day! Somewhere, someone is laughing for their first time.And somewhere else, someone is laughing for their last time.

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