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You want the levers to make accidentals without sounding out of tune (use an electronic tuner to check).

Pedal Harp: as with the lever harp, you would like a reasonably straight column, a fairly flat soundboard, and no visible cracks inside (use a flashlight) or outside.

In his second encyclical, Pope Benedict XVI discusses the themes of Christian hope, redemption, and salvation.

Benedict inspires with Scriptural and saintly examples in which hope seems nearly impossible but is essential to the faith.

Be sure the discs engage the low strings by putting the pedals in the lowest notch and checking that the strings are not falling off the pins of the discs. Finding a good used pedal harp can be tricky and time-consuming.

Many people looking for a pedal harp see the prices of the new harps and assume that buying a used one will save them several thousands of dollars. You can find a good used harp, but you need to know the facts about pedal harps, what to look for and what to ask the seller.

Those who responded are: harp restorer and builder Howard Bryan; harp tech and regulator Karen Rokos; harp builder and repairer Carl Swanson; master harp technician Peter Wiley; and harpist colleagues/Harp Spectrum committee members John Carrington, Patricia Jaeger and Patti Warden.

Resetting the column block: very few harpists know about this and they wont be able to make a fully informed choice about where to get their harps rebuilt, buy a used harp or even a new one without this critical information.

If you stand facing a well-built new harp, you will notice a very slight lean to the left in the vertical orientation of the column.

If you dont care to read this whole article, here are some basic guidelines.

Lever Harp: you would like a reasonably straight column, a fairly flat soundboard, and no visible cracks inside (use a flashlight) or outside.

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(Personally, I would not even consider buying a new harp whose column is absolutely vertical when it is new!

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