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In 1992, Jack In Jill got their start when they were asked to open for fellow Floridian and long time friend Marilyn Manson and his band, Marilyn Manson & the Spooky Kids at a Davie, Florida nightclub called the Plus 5 Lounge.

Before advertisements for the show were printed, Manson suggested a name change to Jack Off Jill, which the foursome accepted. Scabtree was a side project where Manson played drums, while Jessicka shared vocal duties with then boyfriend, Jeordie White, known later as Twiggy Ramirez.

After a few failed attempts at starting a band, Jessicka met Tenni Arslynian while attending Piper High School.

They had begun writing songs, but had not yet formed a complete band when Robin Moulder and Michelle Oliver joined them to create the band Jack In Jill.

He encouraged her to start a band, which would later be called Jack Off Jill.Over the next 15 years Fodera would be involved in such bands as Jack Off Jill, Mrs.Scabtree, Honey to Ash, Messy, and more currently, Scarling.Darrel Maloney's expert projection design illustrates an extremely intimate messaging session between the two presumably heterosexual women on the backdrop of Arnulfo Maldonado's spare set with the imposing centerpiece of Samantha's king-size bed.Weiner's theatrical thought experiment leaves us to question whether this cyber relationship qualifies as true love.

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We never learn what made Layne such a shut-in, nor what led Samantha to her current state of incapacitation.

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