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Everyone thought it was hilarious that my head was being smushed like a watermelon.

“She was my first friend in New York,” Pascal tells Zap2it with a smile while promoting his new Netflix series “Narcos” at 2015 summer TV press tour.And we should all celebrate Paulson—not just for her win, but because without her, we would not have had our sweet precious viper.So, Pascal was helping mentor a young actor to audition for the role of Oberyn Martell. He read the kid’s sides and called his bestie, Sarah Paulson, who called up her own friend—Amanda Peet, wife of David Benioff.The film was a harrowing experience for a viewer that never shies away from the horrors of slavery, but what was it like working on it day-in day-out? There wasn’t really a time and a place to sit back and go ‘this is hard’ and ‘I don’t know how to do this’ and ‘how do we shake this? “It was very important for me that I stood on my haunches – I didn’t want to be a person who was fearful of playing a woman who was so dark and I didn’t want to judge her.” Does Paulson have any titbits she can share? Do you want me to get killed in a dark alley somewhere? The only person who can tell anybody anything is Ryan Murphy and until he gives me the go ahead. , Pedro Pascal is cocky and clever; smooth and seductive. PASCAL: I’ve just come up to my room to the exact same spot where we were Skyping about 12 hours ago. Do you remember your first impression of me and do I remember my first impression of you? I was really lucky because my first friend at NYU lived in Brooklyn, Kristen, and went to high school with you, so your guys’ posse kind of adopted me. He wouldn’t really play by the rules—my parents were so young and they were Chilean immigrants in San Antonio, Texas. The first fucking thing that we did when we met was go to the movies. Was there anything else in your childhood that you thought about doing besides acting? I’d have to use my brain other than the creative part. You said, “Send that to me immediately.” You showed it to Amanda Peet, who is one of your best friends. PAULSON: [] You can’t say this about yourself because it would make you a total asshole, and I don’t think you believe this about yourself anyway, but it was so fucking brilliant. It was the strangest of circumstances where all of a sudden I am stepping onto the set and talking to Charles Dance while he’s sitting on the throne. PASCAL: My first day [we shot] one of Oberyn’s final scenes, which was this long scene with Peter Dinklage.

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