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There was silence, then a small chuckle, "and what do you know anyway? Before I could even reply, I saw Naruto slap Sasuke rather hard- glaring daggers at him, "Sasuke you still haven't gotten over your grudge with Hinata?

Snap out of it- she's here to help us plan our wedding day!

"Sasuke, Iruka is coming over later with his new kitten so you better be on your best behavior today, understand". "Sasuke sighed but got up to go meet the little kit.

Iruka smiled at Sasuke and placed the blonde kitten on the ground, in front of raven cat."Sasuke, this is Naruto.

" He gave me pleading eyes, practically yelping for my help. I was sadly chosen to be the wedding planner/Naruto's maid of honor. Because I was in love with one of the brides- Naruto, and he never thought of it as love love, simply amazing friendship.

He was really close to me at work, and would speak about how he could confess to Sasuke, and although I would laugh and smile in the outside- my insides slowly broke to pieces. Because if you know me, I'm an incredibly shy person who simply can't disagree when it comes to favors.

Part One is finally done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Once they left Sasuke began to form a plan."Um…so Sasuke do you-""Naruto would you mind if I did something to you? "Sasuke smirked and licked his lips, which made Naruto blush more. To Sasuke's surprise Naruto didn't protest, actually Naruto started to kiss back. When they separated there was saliva running down Naruto chin. While Sasuke licked and blew into Naruto's fluffy ear, his left hand fondled Naruto's chest, with his right hand in Naruto's boxers to stroke Naruto's member, as he listened to Naruto moan his name sweetly in his ear. I can tell by how hard…" Sasuke reached farther into Naruto's underwear to rub his fingers against his enterence."…and wet you are." Sasuke whispered huskily as he bit and sucked Naruto's neck. "Sasuke was ripped off of Naruto by Kakashi."Ah, Naruto!!! The dominant cat wrapped his arms around the submissive. Sasuke traced Naruto's lips with his tongue wickedly, making Naruto open his mouth. Sasuke turned Naruto around to grind against his bottom. He never done stuff like this before which made him confused but when Sasuke was touching him made him feel really hot in a very good way."Hey Naruto …do you feel good when I touch you …like this? Damn he was so hard right now."Sa-Sasuke…Sasuke p-please…st-stop teas…teasing..m-me" Naruto stuttered"Naruto…do you want to be my one and only ma-""SASUKE! " Sasuke yelled as Kakashi carried him away."Sa…suke." Naruto whispered as Iruka picked him up and held him in his arms. YOU ARE READING Fanfiction Naruto just started at his new school to escape the bad history at his old one and instantly catches the eye of Sasuke.Although Naruto's eye has been caught by someone else. If you didn't know I am doing all of this in school. -----------------------------------------Saturday Sasuke's point of view "Hey Naruto.

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