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Neighbors make for an easy way to meet new people, including one-night stands.Four percent of respondents said so, and it's not surprising.In any case, the above definitely makes you think twice about some of the one-night stand meeting locations, that's for sure! We are a family owned restaurant and like to treat our guests as such.It feels good to be able to have someone want to have sex with you solely based on your looks, charm, and the skills you have that night."But it's also important to be safe when it comes to casual sex, whether you're having sex with someone just once or hooking up with a friend with benefits."It is important that both parties are not drunk and are, therefore, able to consent and communicate about the hookup," Dr. "In addition, remember to protect yourself as much as possible from STIs (sexually transmitted infections) by using protection in every step of the 'hookup.'"So without further ado, here are the top 10 venues to find a one-night stand, according to Saucy Dates' findings.

"It can be liberating and stress-free to have sex with someone with no expectations for where the relationship is going or what the emotional impact having sex will have on you or your partner," she tells Bustle.

We like to take a straight forward approach to our menu creating bold yet clean flavour combinations leaving your pallet begging for more.

Our menu is eclectic and imaginative and has something for everyone including daily features and an oyster bar.

In this on-demand, technology-obsessed era, no-strings-attached sex seems easier to come by than ever.

As you can probably imagine — or may know from personal experience — location is everything.

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