Second anniversary ideas dating

Well, we're coming up to our cotton anniversary in a couple of months…

so I'm sharing some great ideas for the first six years of wedded bliss…

Cotton anniversary gifts - Join the latest Happily Married/Recaps Our two year wedding anniversary is in just a few weeks.

Maybe a new cotton dress shirt for him, and a cotton dress for you to wear on a date or something?

newspaper clippings, and some hilariously out of date fashion trends. 7 Cotton Gift Ideas for your 2nd Wedding Anniversary says:.

Hallmark also has a great selection of anniversary gifts.Marriage is all the good and all the bad rolled into one lifelong journey.We've taken these traditional wedding anniversary gifts, which date back to the middle ages, and given them a modern twist: Splurge on a brand new set of high-thread count cotton sheets for the master bed.Short of giving your guy a journal, what can you give him that is exciting, sensual and celebrates this first year of being married? Come solo or make it a date to celebrate your anniversary together.In some regions in India, a baby's first birthday is marked by shaving the head of the a specific gift should be exchanged by the couple or gifted to them by their family and friends.

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